Day Two

Thursday, March 28, 2024

8:00 am Registration & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Streamlining Strain Optimization to Future-Proof Production Compatibility & Outcomes

9:00 am Optimizing Fermentation for New Ingredient Pipelines & Product Development to Minimize Production Failure


  • Assessing your scope of new ingredients from strain engineering to production to better control product outcomes
  • Identifying how to best manage ingredient pipelines fit for alternative protein production to future-proof commercialization
  • Understanding strain optimization efforts to best prepare your incoming pipeline

9:30 am Case Study: From Methanol to Protein – Assessing a Yeast Platform for Sustainable, Large-Scale Protein Production to Enhance Economic Viability


  • Discussing C1 energy carriers proposed as a sustainable alternative to agriculture-intense feedstock glucose to enhance sustainability efforts
  • Exploring a novel metabolic engineering approach to circumvent the biggest challenges in upscaling
  • Identifying and pin-pointing reductions in energy, oxygen demand and heat loss to promote economic viability and sustainability

Rethinking Early Stages of Strain Engineering to Inform Accurate Decision-Making for High-Titer Producing Strains

10:00 am Effectively Transitioning Away from Proof of Concept Leveraging Advanced Engineering to Produce Economically Feasible Products


  • Assessing signal-to-noise ratio for assays to inform compatibility of strain with desired protein of interest to enhance protein success
  • Undertaking adaptive laboratory evolution to streamline selectivity of strains to pin-point successful adaptations and optimize accordingly
  • Exploring various parameters during empirical testing such as growth rate and oxygen uptake to select strains that are compatible with protein of desire

10:30 am Morning Coffee Break & Networking

11:15 am Making Animal-Free Collagen That Is Ready to Shine in Novel Functional Foods


  • Considering downstream processing effects during yeast strain engineering to enhance purity of protein for desired quality
  • Optimizing economics during early stages of strain engineering to future-proof fermentation growth and end products
  • Incorporating analytics and quality control for strain selection to evolve your titers

Refining Your Strain Design & Pathway Engineering to Maximize Productivity With Optimal Parameters

11:45 am Pairing Predictive Engineering with CRISPR Gene Editing to Recommend Specific Genome Changes to Meet Strain Specifications


  • Implementing high throughput strategies to screen libraries of strains and enhance selectivity for key properties within minimal timeframes
  • Learning how to deploy advanced CRISPR engineering for multiple gene edits to overcome biological complexity barriers
  • Leveraging ML to inform promotor additions to control gene expression and enhance robustness

12:15 pm Unlocking the Potential of Metabolic Pathways to Engineer with Precision & Promote Productivity

  • Eduard Kerkhoven Docent - Computational Metabolic Engineering, Chalmers University


Changing gene expression to redirect fluxes optimally and efficiently towards the final product to promote yield

Leveraging metabolic modelling to predict strain behavior and inform gene modification for increased productivity

Leveraging machine learning algorithms to predict and test for enzyme activity to select organisms with precision and speed

12:45 pm Networking Lunch

Navigating Legal & Regulatory Bottlenecks to Achieve Regulatory Approval & Ensure Strains Reach Commercialization

1:45 pm Undertaking a Global Approach to Regulatory & Go-to-Market for Precision Fermentation-Derived Alternative Proteins to Streamline Commercialization


  • Addressing the underlying nuances of data protection specific to innovative ingredients to future-proof your regulatory approach
  • Exploring US vs EU regulatory processes to further your understanding and adopt confidence during alternative protein production
  • Outlining regulatory submission and landscape analysis to inform decision-making from strain to alternative protein product

2:15 pm Roundtable Discussion: Understanding Priorities During Strain Engineering to Direct Your Approach Fit for Regulatory Approval


  • Uncovering the current and future regulatory landscape to understand the capabilities of your strains
  • Exploring labelling requirements for precision strains to enable commercial and regulatory success
  • Understanding the requirements of novel protein design to help streamline regulatory strategy

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day Two