Partnership Opportunities

Experts Need Your Help With:

  • CRISPR and alternative gene editing platforms to help improve genetic engineering precision for desired strains
  • Computational modeling software to minimize trial and error with predictive expertise
  • High throughput screening software to facilitate strain and host selection and obtain desired protein titers
  • Strain engineering platforms to engineer, modify and optimize strains with the help of synthetic biology to perfect your starting materials fit for future proteins
  • Fermentation and large-scale production capacity to streamline the transition to scale-up to support consumer-facing success

Why Partner?

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Network with industry leading novel food biotechs, ingredient suppliers, CPGs and researchers from the likes of Perfect Day, Tate & Lyle, Nourish Ingredients, All G Foods, New Culture, Liven Proteins, and Vivici to establish yourself as the number one partner in the space and expand your personal network horizons

Showcase your solutions to synthetic biology leaders and R&D game-changers to secure a foundation for your prominent existence within the novel food space as a trusted solution provider

Support 60+ specialists on the search for meaningful partnerships to soar through your commercial goals

Take this 3-day opportunity to elevate your participation within this unique expert community and enhance 1-1 relationship building

Who Will You Meet?

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“The speaker quality was fantastic, good presentations and many key companies and individuals representing those companies.”

Director of Process and Offer Management, New Food, GEA Engineering - Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Proteins Summit US

“Being a partner was a great experience and organized journey.”

Business Development Manager, Biosafe, Biological Safety Solutions - Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit

Ginkgo Box

“Good representation of people from across the industry. Good vendor support too.”

Principal Engineer, Process, Ginkgo Bioworks - DSP for Alternative Proteins & Cellular Agriculture