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Protein Report Box

Protein Report is the digital publication and industry platform dedicated to advancing the world’s understanding of protein – the business, science, and culture of how protein is produced, distributed, and consumed. It is the only publication entirely focused on protein and the only information resource committed to facilitating an inclusive dialogue around protein industry challenges and solutions among stakeholders from all sectors and backgrounds. Established in 2018, Protein Report serves a diverse global readership of scientists, startup founders, food industry professionals, agriculturalists, investors, researchers, policy makers, consumers, and other stakeholders with an interest in protein, food, agriculture, and science.

Food Tech Weekly Box

FoodTech Weekly: Join 3,000+ founders, investors and other ecosystem actors to get the latest FoodTech news

New Protein Box is an online resource for food technologists worldwide tasked with the challenge of formulating foods and beverages using alternative sources of protein. Find the right products for your new product development projects using our specially designed search functions. Keep up to date with the latest alternative protein news with our free weekly newsletter which includes updates on products, services, webinars, training courses, and conferences.

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Food Ingredients First is the go-to hub for updates on the food and beverage industry, dedicated to providing in-depth analyses and expert views on the latest food trends and innovations shaping F&B manufacturing.
Food Ingredients First is published/brought to you by CNS Media, a leading global B2B publisher of FMCG industry news and market analyses whose brand portfolio brings reliable, independent journalism from food manufacturing, health and nutrition, packaging technology and beauty and personal care.
Their free daily newsletter services provide actionable insights that help navigate opportunities and keep you at the forefront of this fast-evolving industry.

FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media is your go-to resource for staying informed about the latest global news, innovations and trends within the dynamic food and beverage industry. Dedicated to delivering impactful insights that both enlighten and empower decision-makers, our mission is to fortify the success of businesses in the F&B landscape.

Born in 2000 as a traditional ink-on-paper publisher, we've evolved into a global multimedia force with B2B publications. Our industry-leading publications, FoodBev, The Plant Base, The Cell Base and Refreshment, provide our audience with timely news, views and insights from across the food and beverage industries.

The Cell Base

As the cell-based industry gains momentum, The Cell Base will provide a much-needed platform for industry professionals to stay informed, exchange ideas and explore new opportunities.

From technological advancements, such as improvements in tissue engineering and bioreactor design, to the category’s diverse product offerings, to developments in legislation and regulatory frameworks, we will investigate the industry’s hot topics, trends and issues.